Izzy Lane Pom Pom Wrap (Ruby & Deep Purple)

Pom Pom WrapExtra big wrap shawl with cable stitch and pom-pom detail. Made from from Wensleydale wool and hand knitted in the UK.

Please Note: This item is hand made to order. Please allow 14-21 working days for delivery.

The Izzy Lane flock of Wensleydale Longwool sheep are loved and cared for and will live out their entire natural lives in the meadows of the Yorkshire Dales.

The Wensleydales are a rare and endangered breed, producing one of the finest and most lustrous fleeces in the world. Their wool has no kemp, the prickly fibre found in most other wools, and can be worn against the skin with no irritation.

Every piece is Made in Britain.

The Natural Store – Izzy Lane Pom Pom Wrap (Ruby & Deep Purple)

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