Welcome to the Green shop!

Our customers are the Green Generation. We are a primarily a fashion shop , but we also have a need to feed our "green" principles. Every item of clothing on GG is ethical and one of fairtrade, sustainable, eco-friendly or organic.

Who supplies the eco clothes?

We choose our clothes from the UK's top eco retailers; companies such as Frugi, The Eco Store, Fashion Conscience and Natural Collection. As you browse you'll be amazed at the range available and the super quality. One thing you can always guarantee about "green" is it's always well made.

Green: Who is it for?

We showcase a full range of clothing - for men, women, kids and babies. There are eco tops, organic tees, hemp trousers, vegan shoes and boots, bamboo shirts, recycled handbags, purses and wallets, organic cotton dresses and so much more.